A Word From Our Director

Let me begin by giving you my deepest thanks and gratitude for your prayers, support and interest on behalf of myself and all of us with the Campaign: Capitol Hill mission effort. This is an effort and mission that deals solely with our American leaders and government. This effort began in 2014 with the help of God and many wonderful brethren that lead the Lord’s church to the capitol of America- Washington, D.C..

Brethren, would I be amiss to say that God requires His children to do their part in order to receive His blessing? The bible student can easily see that God will not answer the prayers of a slothful servant who does not ask in faith. Can we pray to the Holy Father to bless America, if we aren’t willing to do our part? You know the answer as do I, but the question is, are you going to change? Friends and brethren, we preach from our pulpits and say “amen” from our pews concerning God’s desire and will for a nation, but do we leave it there?

Do we leave God’s plan, will and desire for a nation of people out of the voter polls and political scene? Reader, as your mind is contemplating the this very question, God’s ruling on such a matter has already been set. As God’s people we cannot bow to sinful political agendas and laws. How can we ask God to bless America if we are the ones who vote for a candidate who is for the killing of innocent unborn children? If we are the ones who vote for a candidate who pushes the homosexual agenda would it be hypocritical of us to preach against it on Sunday? Yes, yes it would and the God of Heaven cannot and will not bless anyone who bids godspeed to such a one (2 John 9-11.).

This effort is to remove the ignorance of the world and sadly, the church, concerning the leaders God would have lead this nation. God is neither Republican, Democrat, Libertarian nor any other political party which man may conceive. God is truth, and I must vote truth in order to be pleasing to Him. I owe no party my allegiance and neither should you. There are Republican candidates who vote for abortion and there are Democratic candidates who vote for the sinful agenda of marriage against God’s Word. The party lines and agendas have crossed back and forth which leads me to vote only for each moral candidate as they arise; regardless of their political party name.

With prayers and actions of the faithful, we can change this country. With financial support we can travel abroad to not only our nation’s capitol, but to each state capitol preaching the unadulterated word of God. With the boldness to stand in an untoward generation, we can then and only then, be blessed by the Almighty. !

It is my prayer that you would stand this gap with us.


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